Choosing The Right Gift

This is rarely an easy thing to do, whatever the occasion and whoever the person. You could be looking for a partner’s birthday gift, a child’s Christmas present, something for mother’s day, it’s always difficult to find the right gift but you can narrow things down with a set of easy to answer criteria that will make choosing the right gift so much simpler.

Firstly, The Occasion

The occasion that requires a gift makes a big difference to what the gift would be so this is always the first and easiest question to answer. Don’t worry about who it’s for that’s next, instead just focus on the occasion itself, is this a birthday? Is it Christmas? Valentines day? A Wedding?

Once you’ve got the general base occasion you then need to focus it down further. Instead of thinking “It’s my brother’s birthday next week!”, is there anything that can make this birthday of his more significant? What about your brother’s age, is it a milestone birthday?

Let’s switch this up and look at a wedding (seeing as this site kind of focuses on weddings y’know…), so you have the base occasion (a wedding). Focus it down to make it more significant on the occasion itself, is this a first wedding, a renewal of vows, is it situated on an anniversary of the couple being together? That last one might be tricky to answer if you’re not particularly close to them though.

Secondly, The Person

The reason you need to think of the occasion first is to eliminate outliers, whilst your cousin might love a particular gift for their birthday it might not be as appropriate for a wedding for example.

So now you have the occasion in mind it’s time to answer who is this gift for? Start with a basic answer, name the person.

John Doe is our gift receiver today, so why was John getting a gift? Let’s make it his wedding. John and Jane (soon to be) Doe.

Now the most basic answer has been found it’s again time to focus it down, who is John Doe to you? Is he your father, brother, friend or perhaps you’re on Jane’s side? How do you know this person? For the sake of this article I’m going with John being my good friend whom I’ve known for many years since school.

This is where options start to open up into actual gift ideas that you can personalize. How did you meet? Can you get a gift based on that day you first met the person?

Expand Your Ideas

If I have a particularly tough time with picking a gift for someone, I like to look at every photo I have of them or that myself and the other person are in together. The reason is that it’s overly personal.

Anyone can go to a shop to buy chocolates, or flowers. Anyone can go to Amazon and order a fancy mirror or a piece of jewelry. It’s nice and can sometimes be expensive, that’s great but all it shows is how deep your pockets are, instead you want a gift that can make an impact on a personal level.

A gift I recently got someone was a personalized mug, it had a picture on it of something they were very fond of. It shows that I knew them as a person and thought of them when deciding what to get. I didn’t spend a lot of money as it was actually quite cheap, but it was the thought that counted.

Thoughts Matter More Than Money

I wouldn’t say no if someone bought me a new car for my birthday, I’d probably be over joyed at the prospect of something like that actually happening. But while very expensive and definitely useful, such a gift will fade. I would most likely at some point change to a different car, but if someone got me a personalized mug just as an example then I’d keep it forever.

The thoughts behind that mug are far more important and genuine than the cost of a BMW, the richest man in the world might also be the loneliest. He didn’t get a personalized mug for his birthday.

Back To The Subject

I rambled a bit I know, to get back on track here’s a few tips:

  • Focus on what the occasion is
  • Figure out who the gift is for
  • Expand on who this person is to you and how you know them
  • Look for gifts that link you two together in some way, perhaps you shared a hobby

Most of all though remember it’s never about how much you spend on any single gift, it’s all about how much thought went into it. A terrible item that breaks within minutes but creates thought and joy is greater than something worth thousands but was purchased without a thought.

Unless diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

Ideas To Consider

Here’s some quick fire ideas that you could look into.

Activity days, often you can buy them in cheap deals and they’re valid for at least a year. They range in everything from a golf course to bungee jumping to horse riding or driving a race car, there’s something for everyone.

Personalized items, cheap and easy to order online with thousands of different companies, t-shirts, mugs, cups, glasses, you name it you can probably personalize it.

Or just browse Amazon or any other online store for gifts and you might just spot something they’ll love.

Good luck to your search, I hope you find what you’re looking for and that it brings you, and the person you’re buying it for, many happy memories.

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