Best Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

The best Aromatherapy and Essential Oils set is now available, but before we dive right into my review and thoughts on the matter I want to show you a community review first:

One User Said:

This diffuser is so adorable and it’s decorative too! I love the different lights. You can have it fade to different colors, leave it on one color, or no color. It’s soothing and so quiet! You can also have it on a timer (by the hour). It has instructions and it’s very easy to follow and set up. It also comes with a little pitcher to help you pour in the water into the tank so you always know how much to pour in (2 pitcher fulls). It also comes with an aromatherapy oil so you can get started right away! This will make a great gift since it has everything you need for it!

That’s amazing that they loved it so much, now I’m going to explain why you’re going to love it too!

Vapour Diffusers

Don’t start getting this mixed up with those awful reed diffusers you’ve seen, if you knocked one of those over you’d be smelling them for the next 50 years! No, the vapour diffuser is a popular alternative to a scented candle with one big advantage. It’s safe.

A burning flame could hard a child, potentially set fire to your home if it got knocked over or cause all kinds of damage to surfaces if not managed properly.

Vapour diffusers are flame free and 100% safe, instead of heat they simply puff out fresh plumes of fragrant water vapour and are incredibly easy to use. No heat, no fire, just fill up the tank with water, put a few drops of oil in and enjoy.

The Geniani

Introducing to you the Geniani. Equipped with cool mist technology making this particular diffuser near silent, perfect for relaxing environments such as a hot bath or you could even leave it on whilst you sleep. You get to enjoy 10-14 hours of continued use with the huge water tank inside this beauty, no need to get up and disturb your rest just to fill it up again every hour.

The safety idea is agiven with most diffusers as they already eliminate the fire aspect that you’d get with a candle, however the Geniani takes the safety of you and your family to the highest level by introducing an automatic shut off if it runs out of water. No risk of it heating up or exploding, once it’s empty it simply turns itself off ready for you to refill the tank.

Key Features Include:


  • Diffuser and aroma oil set
  • Whisper quiet technology
  • 380 ml water tank
  • Timer options
  • Different color modes
  • Automatic shut off
  • Safe, BPA free product
  • Bamboo design
  • Awesome gift for any occassion
  • 5 years of warranty

What The Public Think

You might think that I handpicked that first review at the top to showcase how brilliant this device is, but I honestly did not. Here’s a screenshot I just took from the Amazon store page:

That’s 115 reviews, 93% of them being a 5 star rating. That’s some really good numbers, it means that at least 106 people all bought this and thought it was fantastic.

You could be one of them too, this makes a perfect gift for almost anyone!


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